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Custom web applications work exactly the way you want them to. While off the shelf software can achieve partly what you want to do, the modification and customization of these tools is usually more time consuming and cost-ineffective.
Custom web applications can be built around your existing systems (legacy systems), thus proving to be a bridge between the old and new. In a nutshell custom web applications make your organization agile and nimble and decrease the friction to change.
Correctly-coded Web applications are maintenance free, flexible and scalable with little effort. It is easy to “productize” a service which is supported through custom software.
Custom applications work well for intranets, ecommerce content management, document management and workflow control.
SRD Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd custom webapps are built using open source technologies such as PHP and MySQL, which help you achieve better results in a shorter ETA and at a very reasonable cost.

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