Vibrosense Forbes Marshall

Vibration Analysis Diagnostic Software for critical rotating machinery

Vibrosense is an on-line machinery analyzing and diagnostic system specially designed for rotating machinery like turbines,compressors,fans, blowers and pumps, and can collect and manage all the data required with the PC and state of the art technology.

Vibrosense is a powerful and accurate analysis tools to focus on a key problem of critical rotating machines.

System Description

The VibroSense analysis system comprises of PCI based DAQ cards with industrial motherboard to withstand environmental extremes such as shock, vibration and high temperature. all these is packed in a rugged case and words as an industrial grade computer called as industrial analyzer the system can be put on a table top or rack mounted. it is very flexible in configuration and can take any standard vibration sensor (like proximity transducer, velocity transducer and accelerometer ) along with phase marker (displacement or optical). Buffered out put from any make of vibration monitor or out put from sensors can directly be fed to the system via one interface hardware where first stage of signal conditioning is done. After analysis, all data is stored to MS SQL database for up most security. it also allows taking a backup of the analysis data from the system on any media and viewing it again in the system at any point of the time by restoring it.

VibroSense handles the data for steady state and transient (startup and shutdown) state in a different manner taking into consideration that the transient state requires much more attention. In the transient state, waveform data gets store quite frequently and the plots like bode is displayed which reveals the machinery characteristics in a better manner.

Local viewing of GUI is possible by directly connecting a monitor to a industrial analyzer. It can viewed from any location on LAN and / Or Internet. The  Client-Server architecture allows simultaneously  connecting the system and viewing independent data for any no of users without requirement of an any additional license. GUI allows taking screen shots even all the data of trend and waveform can be stored in .csv format for any further analysis.


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