SRD Software Solution Pvt Ltd

Company Information

SRD Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an Organisation founded in the year 2012 and since then we have been working in different fields where we are not only experts but we lead with example.

We provide services with expertise in Business Application using Java, J2EE, Android, Hadoop technology. We help you to represent your product using Web Sites with WordPress, HTML5 Joomla, CSS3, PHP5, CodeIgniter,
Ajax technology.

We have worked with many renowned companies like Forbes Marshall and Emerson, who started with us as a client but now are on the verge to become one of our most valuable asset and business partners. There are
many projects that we have delivered before deadlines and many are under progress. We want to expand our business beyond lines where we can not only serve but deliver with expertise and excellence.

SRD Goals


1. Satisfied Customer : We believe in mouth publicity. When our customers will satisfy our sales ratio will increase automatically. And the important fact is we don’t have existing customer because those who joined SRD Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd now he is long term partner with us only because of our good service.

2. Adding Value:  We want to continue to organize our company to make it more efficient and profitable so that both, our clients and our employees can get more out of their time. Our goal is to increase our corporate value by 100%.

3. Thought Leadership: We plan to produce and execute four marketing seminars, one per quarter, to help business owners see success by sharing important growth strategies and hosting interactive workshops and webinars.

4. Business Networking: We’re working to build our Events Division, to increase reach by 25% and continue widely branding our company. We aspire to host one monthly event for up to 300 business entrepreneurs.

5. Strong Recruiting: We aim to hire 10 additional experienced Software professionals that can add to our existing talent-pool and help continue the steady growth of our business.

6. Quality Sales: We had defined our target market to major areas. We have started marketing to this target the right industries and going deeper with our clients.

Who We Are


Mr. Sagar Deshmukh is a whole-time director of the Board. Mr. Sagar Deshmukh is a Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of SRD Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd, leading all products and technologies, and driving innovation globally. In his 6 years in IT Industry, Mr. Sagar Deshmukh was instrumental in defining the company’s technology and product strategy and architecture. His experience includes research in programming languages and models, and information management – at SRD Group India. Mr. Sagar Deshmukh Founded SRD Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd in year 2012, now company is working with big giant including Forbes Marshall, YUD India Social Media and Marketing Pvt. Ltd, Network Sales (USA).

1. Business Development.
2. Project Guidance.
3. Project Consultant.
4. Project Development
5. Research & Development


Firoz Babulal Tennali

Mr. Firoz Tennali is working as a Project leader and leading the research and development department at SRD Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd and Working with SRD Software Solutions Since 2013.

Mr. Firoz Tennali has lead several projects in company including Vibrosense and Tweetrobo. He always doing something innovative and very much interested in development and designing. He also has developed several websites in a company.

1. Project Management.
2. Technology Guidance for project.
3. Team Management.
4. Project Developer and Designing.

Sr. Developer

Pramod Ashok Mali

Mr. Pramod Mali is working as a Sr. Software Developer at SRD Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd and Working with SRD Software Solutions Since 2013.

Mr. Pramod Mali has mainly work on Java and Web Technology. He is a good team player who had managed his assign project in professional manner.

1. Project Management.
2. Team Management.
3. Task Assigner.
4. Project Developer.

Sr. Developer

Sandip Hole

Mr. Sandip Hole is working as a Sr. Software Developer at SRD Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd and Working with SRD Software Solutions Since 2014. He is working on web site development.

1. Project Management.
2. Team Management.
3. Task Assigner.
4. Project Developer.

Head-Business Analyst & Marketing

Raju Tiwary

Mr.Raju Tiwary is working as Head- Business Analyst and Marketing. He is a Mech Engineer, graduated from Biju Patnaik University, Odisha. He has contributed 2-3 value years on strategic uses of Social Media and Online works for promotion of e-business for various firms. He has 5-6 years of experience in Industrial Projects and Operations. Mr. Raju Tiwary has strength & expertise in Strategic Planning, Marketing, direction & decision and value leadership.Our Prime Minister of India Sh Narendra Modi follows him on Twitter.

1. Strategic Planning.
2. Marketing.
3. Direction & decision and value leadership.
4. Outstanding Speaker.