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Responsive Website

Responsive web designs(RWD) are comparable to HDTV with surround sound and all the features, for the World Wide Web. Responsive websites have taken the Internet to new heights with the newest technology developments. There are many new high tech gadgets which are now Internet capable, and websites now need to display across all browsers, systems, and web gadgets.

Responsive Website Design is Important, Here’s Why ?

It is estimated that by the year 2016, there will be over 10 billion mobile devices viewing responsive website designs. This explosion of web capable devices is also coinciding with a revolution in the way the World Wide Web works.

New coding structures and website designing methods have not only allowed websites inconceivable new features, but also allowed them to display perfectly across all mobile connected devices. So, for website owners, not having a responsive website design means losing out on mobile traffic and consumers.

What Does Responsive Web Design Cost ?

The best way to answer what responsive web design costs would be to say that it is going to cost more in the long run if you do nothing. What costs having your site redesigned will not compare to the loss in business revenue. If your website is only working on 800x600px screens, then you are losing out to websites which have already made the transition over to responsive web design on mobile devices.

Websites which are already using responsive website designs are reaching the maximum amount of their targeted consumers by being available across all platforms. Websites without responsive web designs have limited themselves to only those consumers who are using what many now consider ‘classic’ web viewing devices.

Without responsive designs, websites will have a more difficult time establishing brand identity and authority in their niche. You should also consider how staying up-to-date on technology and industry trends could improve your website and brand’s image. Not to mention that without responsive designs, websites are finding it more difficult to generate leads and revenue.
So, while opting-in on responsive designs for your website will not break the bank, it could potentially cost much more the longer you wait.

Responsive Mobile is the Future

85% of consumers believe that a mobile website should at least be as good as its desktop counterpart, if not better. We are in an age where over 90% of people are using more than one or two mobile screens every day, making responsive website designs more important than ever.

It has reached the point where businesses without a responsive mobile presence will not make it. Everyday mobile technology is getting better, smarter, and more convenient. The more you engage people on all fronts, the more you will increase your brands presence and loyalty. It’s all showing your consumers that you care about their needs and wants.

Having a responsive website is more than hype. It’s the only way to reach the modern, mobile audience and get them to respond. Even though most businesses and websites are switching to responsive mobile designs for their consumers’ convenience, they are also enjoying having less maintenance and maintenance costs in the long run as well.

At SRD Software Solution Pvt. Ltd home , we can help you make the very best out of responsive web technology.

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